PACKAGE 2. (1 hr) Fairy Abbey’s visit with Fairyland games & face painting - $220.00

#  Fairy Abbey arrives at your fairy palace in her beautiful rainbow fairy dress and bag full of wonderful goodies!!! She brings: her cozy rainbow rug and magical mushroom lollypop cushion for the birthday girl or boy to sit on and shine!

# Fairy Abbey’s visit begins with a ceremony where all the children are transformed into real fairies & wizards and get to make magical wishes with her fairy dust (that magically appears after some help from all the guests!!!).

# Fairy Abbey brings along her enchanting Fairyland stories to tell and  colourful wand, book and cake magic!

# There are fun Fairyland games for fairies and wizards to excite: pixie treasure hunts, musical fairies and wizards, rainbow limbo, parachute games, pass the treasure box…

# Every fairy & wizard is invited to have gorgeous face painting with many designs to choose from, such as: rainbow fairies, princesses, unicorns, dolphins, dragons, snakes, Spiderman and many more!!

# Fairy Abbey entertains the guests with her Fairyland dancing and twirly whirly ribbons.

# Fairy Abbey comes along with Fairyland stickers and prizes to share with every fairy and wizard.

# At the end of her visit all the fairies and wizards are given a fairy treasure bag and a magical dream card to take home.

# The birthday fairy or wizard receives a special ‘fluttering’ gift all the way from Fairyland and a magical photo too!

# The birthday girl or boy celebrates their special day with a video email greeting or video thank you from Fairy Abbey.

# Book your party in advance and Fairy Abbey can supply gorgeous postcard invitations. Click here to view


PACKAGE 3. (1.5 hrs) Fairy Abbey’s visit with  games, crafty fun & face painting - $250.00

OR                   (2 hrs) - $270.00

# In this package Fairy Abbey comes with ALL of her wonderful goodies mentioned in package 2 as well as some added extras:

# Fairy Abbey brings along her bubble wand magic. She loves to run around with all of her friends and turn gardens into bubble palaces!

# Fairy Abbey sets up her  crafty corner activity for fairies and wizards to create: wands, swords,  masks, magic letters and more! There is lots of creative fun to be had, with: glitter, stickers, stamps, colouring, and of course there is a special fairy mat to have all this fun on!!

# Or, if you prefer, Fairy Abbey can come with some extra Fairyland games to entertain the children, instead of a crafty activity. She is always happy to suit the interests of your special fairy or wizard.

# Fairy Abbey loves to end her visit by staying for the cutting of the cake and photo time at your request.






PACKAGE 4.  (1.5 hrs) Wizard Herman’s & Fairy Abbey’s magic show, ballooning, face painting and games $430.00

OR           (2 hrs)- $475.00

            (2.5 hrs)- $515.00

# Fairy Abbey and Wizard Herman arrive together with their bags of rainbow games, spells, balloonology and gorgeous face paints.

# The day begins with a Wizard and Fairy play and colourful magic show where the fairies & wizards will delight in: breaking and shrinking wands, disappearing balls, magic colouring, coin and card magic, growing bags and much more!! There will be plenty of giggles and everyone gets a chance to join in the fun and vote for their favourite magic maker. (Fairy Abbey of course!!!)

# Wizard Herman and Fairy Abbey bring along their fun Fairyland games for fairies and wizards.

# Get ready for some fun and silly and very wriggly fairy & wizard dancing.

# Every fairy & wizard is invited to have gorgeous face painting with many designs to choose from.

# Wizard Herman brings along  his balloonology and many wonderful designs to choose from, like: swords, dogs, cats, dragons, butterflies, crowns, flowers...


# Fairy Abbey & Wizard Herman give their special Fairyland goodbye with treasure bags for all of the guests.

# The birthday fairy or wizard also receives a magical rainbow wand all the way from Wizard Land and a magical photo treasure!!

 # The birthday girl or boy celebrates their special day with a video email greeting or thank you from Fairy Abbey and Wizard Herman.



       PACKAGE 1. (1.5 hrs) Fairy Abbey’s RAINBOW Parties.



    (2 hrs) Fairy Abbey’s RAINBOW Parties.



(2 hrs) Fairy Abbey’s RAINBOW  

Parties with Wizard Herman. $440.00


(2.5 hrs) with Fairy Abbey & Wizard Herman $500.00

 In our popular RAINBOW party packages Fairy Abbey takes all the fairies and wizards into Fairyland- a world of adventure and wonder!!

Fairies and wizards will delight in each game as they learn the secrets of real fairies..... Or find pieces of Fairy Abbey’s wand or map and help make it whole again.....Or even have their very own Olympic day!

Click below to read all about our four fantastic RAINBOW parties that are available.

1. Fairy Abbey comes for a star birthday party visit

2. Fairy Abbey finds her way home to Fairyland

3. Fairy Abbey and the wand adventure

4. Fairy Abbey’s Olympia birthday party adventure




#Gorgeous face painting for fairies & wizards  


  # Crafty Fun: masks, wands, swords, crowns and magic letters


   # Rainbow Parachute ball games                                 


      # Races: fairy pillow, three legged & sparkly egg ‘n’ spoon  


         # Fairy floor games: fairy,wizard... goblin, Who stole the magic...     Musical instrument name games... & lots more!


                     # Singing, dancing & fairy fun movement       


#  Magic show with Wizard Herman,                featuring lots of giggles!!!!


# Ballooning with Wizard Herman


      #   Enchanting fairytale stories


                # Dancing and songs with                       twirly ribbons


                       # Magical bubble blowing       


# Treasure Hunts


                       # Musical Statues


                    # Musical lollypops


                  # Rainbow limbo


               # Pass the Fairy ball


          # Hilarious puppetry with Arti the            dog and Heidi the snail.






Fairy Abbey’s packages make birthday parties truly magical. Her parties are always organised according to the interests of special little fairies and wizards. She is always happy to modify any package to suit your little one’s wishes. Please contact Fairy Abbey on 0434 887 500 to plan your fairy or wizard party.

Enjoy reading about her wonderful packages below...


  Why book your party with us?


Fairy Abbey is an experienced entertainer and her parties provide quality and affordability and most importantly create a magical birthday for special little fairies and wizards.



  Some fairy notes:


  Our party prices are calculated for up to 15 children over the age of 2 years old. It is an additional $6.50   per child thereafter. (Little ones can join in the fun free of charge.) Please let Fairy Abbey & Wizard   Herman know before the day how many children will be attending your party so that they can come best   prepared.


 Fairy Abbey and Wizard Herman fly up to 15 kms from Ringwood before they get a little tired and may   require a small travel fee.


  Fairy Abbey recommends that 1 hour parties are ideal for little fairies aged 1 to 2 years old. For 3 year  old and over all of Fairy Abbey’s packages make for a wonderful and magical party!!!


  Fairy Abby’s RAINBOW parties are ideal for kinder and school aged children.





PACKAGE 5.  (1.5 hrs) Wizard Herman’s visit with a

magic show, ballooning and games. $200.00

(2hrs)- $240


# Wizard Herman arrives with his magic bag, star rug, balloons and silliness, ready to bring laughter to the party.


# He performs a 30 minute magic show, which is colourful, entertaining, and bring lots of giggles to all ages!!!


# There are many Wizard Land games to choose from: pass the wizard wand, treasure hunts, lizard limbo, parachute fun, ball games, wacky races and lots more!


# Wizard Herman brings along his balloonology with many wonderful designs to choose from, like: swords, dogs, parrots, dragons, butterflies, crowns, flowers... Etc.


# At the end of the party each wizard and fairy goes home with a wizard treasure bag filled with lots of magical goodies.


# The birthday boy or girl receives a ‘real’ rainbow wand all the way from Wizard Land.


For Pirate party options visit Wizard Herman at:



Choose from our selection of party packages:    


PACKAGE 11.5 hour, 2 hour and 2.5 hour RAINBOW Parties

PACKAGE 2 1 hour Fairy party

PACKAGE 31.5 hour and 2 hour Fairy parties

PACKAGE 41.5 hour, 2 hour and 2.5 hour Fairy and Wizard parties

PACKAGE 51.5 hour and 2 hour Wizard parties




















Your special fairy or wizard will receive a magical video message to say that I will be flying by their



If you post your special Fairy photo (from your party or for fun) to our Facebook page and we will reply with a special thank you surprise from Fairy Abbey or Wizard Herman.


If you or your child are interested in learning face painting email Fairy Abbey to find out more information for classes happening in the eastern suburbs.




With every party booking receive up to 20 postcard invitations of your choose in the post to hand out to
your guests. Any additional postcard invitations are an extra $1 each.

Each postcard has beautiful wording printed on the back and all you need to do is simply fill
out the party details!